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This is where you manage your employees. If they're not clever enough, you can train them in 6 different skills. If they still don't quite meet your expectations, give them the boot.

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Author's Room

This is where you're producing screenplays. Choose from over 24 different formats to produce - the only other thing you need is a creative writer.


The film set is where your screenplays are made into big movies. Choose your director, actors or showmaster and off you go!

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Visit the lobby or other floors to spy on your competitors.

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The research and development room offers a variety of advanced technologies to sabotage your competitors.


This is where your formats are polished and enhanced. Or did you ever see a movie without special effects?

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This is the favorite place of lazy employees. Go here to fast-forward your game.


The newsroom researches and produces news for your audience.

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CEO's Office

This is your command center where you arrange your broadcast schedule and allocate commercial breaks.

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The archives hold all your produced formats, concepts and ads. Everything disposed here is immediately available via your office.

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